WAVE will use sludge from the sand treatment plant

News, 24/09/2021

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of Czech Technical University is completing the installation of the WAVE micro power plant in the area of the wastewater treatment plant in Písek, where it will be part of the extensive technology for the energy use of sewage sludge, which was supplied by the company K&K TECHNOLOGY.

The WAVE micro power plant is a fully integrated part of the newly emerging sludge and biomass energy utilization station, which, according to the mayor of Písek, Eva Vanžurová, will be the very first facility of its kind in the Czech Republic. During the process itself, the dried sludge is burned together with the biomass in the boiler, and the energy generated in the flue gas will be used to dry additional sludge and partially also for the production of electricity.

The output from the facility will be approximately 360 tons of ash per year. It is a material with a high content of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and other substances that are suitable for mixing into phosphate substrates. During the operation of the facility, approximately 70 to 78 MWh of electricity will be produced per year, which will be used for the operation of the station.

The capacity of the facility will be 4,500 tons of waste that can be used for energy per year. The waste air from drying will be led to a flue gas scrubber, which will ensure compliance with the legal values of emissions released into the air through the wet scrubber system. The values of discharged substances will be permanently monitored. The technology is currently in trial operation, but it has great potential to be extended to other wastewater treatment plants as well.

The equipment was developed with the support of TA CR, and the investment costs for the construction of the entire technological line were supported by OPŽP.