We are working on automatic error detection during the operation of technical building equipment

News, 03/05/2020

The University Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings of CTU develops diagnostic programs that will timely prevent an increase in energy consumption and a decrease in the quality of the indoor environment due to hidden technical defects.

Errors occur during the operation of building technical equipment (TZB), which usually remain undetected for a long time. If various installations (heating, air conditioning, air conditioning, etc.), electrical wiring and other equipment (elevators, lighting, etc.) do not work properly, there is increased energy consumption, a decrease in the quality of the indoor environment and a reduction in the service life of individual components of the TZB.

"Our diagnostics use existing data from building operations to detect these deficiencies. Although they contain the necessary data, they are not normally analyzed to optimize operations and prevent the impact of errors from the point of view of energy saving," says Ondřej Nehasil from the Indoor Environment Laboratory of CTU UCEEB.

TZB's automatic defect detection has already been tested in semi-operation at the CTU UCEEB building, where, in addition to a few fundamental air-conditioning errors that would otherwise remain hidden, it revealed a whole range of minor failures and omissions. It will also soon begin inspecting the commercial buildings of network customers.

You can watch more details in the video interview with Ondřej Nehasil on YouTube kanálu TZB-info, which starts at 3:03:49.