We are working on soundproofing whirlpool tubs on the terraces of apartment buildings

News, 25/05/2020

The CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings is cooperating with the Metrostav company in finding and testing an effective way to protect residents of residential buildings from noise from whirlpools located on the outdoor terraces of more luxurious apartments.

In order to increase the utility comfort of residential buildings, whirlpools are increasingly being designed for apartment terraces. However, these devices are also a source of noise for their surroundings, from which the nearest neighboring apartments in particular need to be protected. The Acoustics Laboratory of the Czech Technical University UCEEB cooperates with the Metrostav company on the development of effective noise reduction.

Noise during the use of whirlpool baths is produced in various ways, the most important of which are the operation of noisy technological parts hidden inside these devices and the flow of water from water jets in the filled bath. Our research focuses on verifying the effect of flexible storage on the propagation of noise into a living room located directly under the terrace of an apartment with a whirlpool bath.

Two methods of placing the whirlpool on the structural composition of the terrace were chosen for verification, so that it was possible to choose the optimal solution for future realizations based on the tests. The tests will be carried out in the Acoustics Laboratory of the Czech Technical University UCEEB on a ceiling slab representing a typical reinforced concrete ceiling including the relevant layers of the roof structure.