We help set the conditions for supporting energy-plus buildings

News, 24/06/2021

The CTU University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings commissioned the State Environmental Fund to prepare a background study for setting the conditions for supporting the construction of energy-plus buildings within the future Environmental Operational Program.

As part of the study, theoretical approaches to the evaluation of energy-plus buildings and standards of advanced buildings known abroad (Passivhaus Institute, BEPOS+, Effizienzhaus Plus, Net Zero Carbon Buildings) were conducted. On four selected types of buildings (municipal office, sports hall, elementary school, kindergarten), the energy demand was analyzed with different settings of the building envelope parameters and technologies for heating and hot water preparation.

In particular, the achievement of the NZEB II standard (valid after 2022) and energy-plus buildings with the condition of needing non-renewable primary energy < 0 kWh/m2year. Based on the analysis, requirements were proposed for setting up a new program to support the construction of energy-plus buildings.