We participate in the creation of an intelligent family house

News, 11/11/2019

The University Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University, together with other partners, participates in the construction of a family house in Omice near Brno, which will be used for ordinary living and at the same time as a test object to verify the cooperation of the rooftop photovoltaic power plant with house batteries and distribution " smart network".

The family house in Omice is being built as part of the Center for Advanced Materials and Efficient Buildings (CAMEB) project, which aims to optimize systems of renewable energy sources for buildings with almost zero consumption (nZEB). In addition to CTU UCEEB, a number of other participants take part in it, more about the project zde.

The building will be equipped with a photovoltaic power plant (PVE) with a capacity of 9 kWp from the company S-Power, a battery storage of 12 kWh from the company AERS, a recuperative air-conditioning unit WAFE and electric radiant heating produced by the company FENIX Group. The superior PLC control unit will be supplied by TECO Kolín. CTU UCEEB will create an algorithm that will control the technology of a fully electrified family house, taking into account the quality of the internal environment and energy flows in the building. It will be connected to a system for controlling comfort electronics from the supplier Axomer.

Thanks to this, the intelligent house will be able to regulate shading technology, lighting, heating, control of the security system, PV, audio or access systems. During the testing, the consumption of electricity, the performance of the photovoltaic power plant, the operation of the battery storage, the consumption of energy for heating and the quality of the indoor environment will be continuously monitored. The trial operation will perfectly check the functioning and cooperation of complex systems with PV and battery storage, which could become standard equipment of domestic family houses in the near future.

You can read more details about the house in Omice in TZB-info zde.