We test the translucent roof

News, 3. 11. 2023
Experts from the CTU UCEEB are analyzing the indoor environment in a space that includes the NEBESYS roof sheathing, which from the outside looks like a perfectly ordinary roof, but from the inside is transparent. The aim of the test measurements is to provide a comparison with skylight glazing in terms of natural lighting and interior overheating. The data collection was completed in May 2023 and the evaluation is currently underway.  

Testing was carried out using several identical measuring consoles, which were placed in the test area at the NEBESYS facility in Hlinsko. For the purpose of thermal comfort assessment, we measured the air temperature in the rooms, the surface temperatures of the glazing and roofing and, last but not least, the temperature in the roof sheathing area. 

We also used thermal comfort analysis using a thermal mannequin and airflow visualisation using particle laser (PIV) anemometry. The project also included the collection of meteorological data in close proximity to the test consoles.