We test Ytong products

News, 16. 10. 2023
The manufacturer of aerated concrete blocks Xella CZ has established cooperation with the CTU UCEEB. The aim is to find out, by means of tests, the real values of flexural tensile strength for Ytong products, which are important for structural engineers and designers.  

So far, we have carried out four tests on walls 2.75 m high and 1.2 m wide using four-point bending, with the load cylinder acting in the horizontal direction. This was to determine the flexural tensile strength in the plane of failure parallel to the bearing joints. In addition, eight tests were carried out to determine the flexural tensile strength in the plane of failure perpendicular to the load joints. In this case, elements with a height of 1.0 m and a width of 1.5 m were lined. 

After 28 days, the specimens were flipped to a horizontal position and placed under a load press applied in the vertical direction. Again, we loaded them with a four-point bending press and observed the maximum force and the failure gap, which is more indicative of the problem areas in the test specimens (in the blocks and in the mortar). For completeness of the tests performed, we collected both block and mortar specimens during masonry and performed additional tests to determine the strength and spillage of mortar, air content in mortar, moisture content or strength of the blocks.