We tested the fire resistance of the ecokit system

News, 3. 1. 2024
The Fire Laboratory of the CTU UCEEB conducted verification tests of the ecokit wood-based construction system. The medium-scale MiniFUR furnace was used to inexpensively and reliably verify the behaviour of the samples before carrying out costly large-scale tests in a certified laboratory laboratory.

Components of the ecokit building system are prefabricated, lightweight, simple and sourced from renewable resources. Nevertheless, fire safety is also an important in this case. The aim was therefore to determine whether the samples shielded by fermacell gypsum fibreboards would achieve the fire resistance value EI 30 DP2. This value is important for the ecokit wall classification as a protected area. Based on the results of our tests and data, we subsequently carried out tests at the PAVUS fire institute on two final versions of the samples with 2x 10 mm and 1x 15 mm cladding. 

The first comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly wooden building designed by Czech native Kamila Novotna was built in far-away Australia in 2018. Today, her prefabricated ecokit construction system is also available in most of the Americas and is being prepared for the European market. UCEEB has also been involved in its further development since last year as part of a joint project.