We tested the load-bearing capacity of wood-concrete ceiling panels

News, 12/08/2021

The CTU University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings is participating in the development of an innovative composite ceiling panel in cooperation with the joint-stock company Zlínské stavby. Part of the joint project was the performance of a load test to determine the bending strength of the ceiling panel.

As part of an accredited static bending test, carried out in the Mechanical Laboratory of the Czech Technical University UCEEB, a wood-concrete ceiling panel with a span of 6.0 m was tested. The test body with a π-shaped cross-section was assembled and concreted directly in the premises of our laboratory. It consisted of two wooden beams connected to a concrete slab by means of joint plates with pressed-in spikes. The load capacity of the test specimen exceeded 140 kN. The obtained results will be used to verify the analytical calculation procedure.

The project "Hybrid wood-concrete load-bearing structural systems" was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.