WEEEWaste (Improving policies for waste management of electrical and electronic equipment)

Registration number: 01C0027
Provider: EU ERDF – Interreg Europe programme
Solver: Michal Tobiáš
Start: 01.03. 2023
End: 31.05. 2027

The aim of the WEEEWaste project is to promote and improve the collection, recycling and reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment through EU policies and national support and incentives.

The project will last 48 months and is divided into 2 phases. In Phase 1 of the project (36 months), 16 examples of good practice in the field of EV recycling will be selected in each of the 9 project partner regions.

Partners from the EU regions (Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands and Slovenia), under the leadership of the CTU UCEEB, will during the implementation of the project map in particular the setting of supports and policies aimed at:
  • Improving inter-regional coordination between municipalities and regions to more effectively combat illegal inter-regional transport and landfilling of e-waste.
  • Introducing a holistic approach to e-waste management practices and designing, testing to present a fully sustainable approach as defined by the EU Circular Economy Action Plan (refuse; rethink; reduce; reuse; repair; refurbish; remanufacture; repurpose; recycle; recover).
Project WEEEWaste  is supported by the Interreg Europe programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and co-financed by the participants.

If interested, please contact stepanka.holeckova@cvut.cz or michal.tobias@cvut.cz.