Energy storage

Energy storage balances fluctuations between energy consumption and energy supply. We deal with the analysis of energy consumption, its saving, intelligent management of building operations for the optimal design of the accumulation of electrical energy, heat and cold.


Our software will help design battery storage for industry

The University Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings of CTU has developed a software tool in cooperation with the AERS company, which enables the...

We are working on automatic error detection during the operation of technical building equipment

The University Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings of CTU develops diagnostic programs that will timely prevent an increase in energy...

We participated in the creation of the first Czech battery storage for industry

The company AERS and the Fenix Group presented the results of the test operation of the first Czech large-capacity system for storing...




We forecast the intensity of solar radiation for any point in the Czech Republic up to 5 days ahead in hourly intervals. We work with several different sources of satellite prediction, which guarantees the robustness and overall reliability of the service.

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