For cities and municipalities

Service offer
We support cities and municipalities in the strategic management of development, especially in the areas of environmentally friendly construction, energy efficiency and the Smart Cities concept. At the level of specific investments, we help prepare building plans for new buildings and complex renovation buildings, public spaces and entire neighborhoods.

We offer these services :
  • In cooperation with cities, we create strategic documents focused on technological, organizational and process innovations, we help implement the Smart City concept. We create practical implementation plans for specific technologies or services.
  • We are a professional guide for the preparation of construction plans for buildings and public spaces
    when mapping needs and formulating assignments for designers.
  • We provide consultations during the preparation and during architectural competitions .
  • We create concepts of sustainable neighborhoods and we propose an energy standard for them, a method of energy supply, a material solution with regard to the circular economy and elements of blue-green infrastructure.
  • In cooperation with the founders and operators of energy communities, we process a feasibility study and optimize the operation of the community. We involve actors in the preparation of energy communities.
  • For innovative cities and investors, we process designs of energy-plus districts.

Below you will find detailed offers with relevant contacts. If you have specific requirements, please feel free to contact us directly.