Our software will help design battery storage for industry

The CTU University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings has developed a software tool in cooperation with the AERS company, which allows designing battery storage parameters and verifying them through realistic operation simulation.

The goal of battery systems and their management strategy in industrial complexes is to provide energy reserves to cover power peaks. Optimizing the design of the battery storage and contracting adequate power capacities of the supply energy network is key to the economic and, last but not least, ecological sense of the entire solution.

The purpose of the software developed by the research department Monitoring a řízení inteligentních budov CTU UCEEB is to enable a qualified design of battery storage parameters and related infrastructure, especially capacity, based on mathematical calculations using measured consumption data. Parameter calculations are carried out in several variants at the same time and the results are clearly displayed in graphs.

The calculation design can then be verified by a detailed simulation of the operation of this system. The simulation works with detailed electrical parameters including charge and discharge currents, depth of discharge, system current load limit and component efficiencies. The result of the simulation is the verification of the stability of the design for covering power peaks.

Project Řízení bateriových úložišť pro aplikace v průmyslu v souladu s požadavky odběratele a distribuční sítě (Tj02000187) was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.