We have developed a flexible building system for energy-efficient apartment buildings

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of Czech Technical University completed the development of a prefabricated construction system for the construction of new generation apartment buildings in cooperation with the companies RD Rýmařov and ŽPSV.

"As part of the TiCo project, an experimental building was created on our research site that demonstrates the possibilities of a prefabricated building system using a load-bearing reinforced concrete frame and prefabricated wooden panels. The system should find use primarily in the sustainable and rapid construction of apartment buildings," says Štěpán Mančík from Sustainable Construction Team ČVUB UCEEB.

The viability and market applicability of the TiCo system is still a matter of investigation and verification. However, it is already clear that it has the potential to solve some of the burning problems of the current construction industry, such as the lack of skilled labor and experienced craftsmen. In addition, the industrialization of production would bring more efficiency in the construction process and easier monitoring of quality.

You can read more details about the project on the TZB-info.cz portal in the article TiCo – prefabrikovaný stavební systém pro bytové domy z dřevěných panelů s betonovou nosnou konstrukcí.

Project Flexible building system based on wood and high-quality concrete for energy-efficient apartment buildings is supported by the MPO Trio program (project number FV10685).