Eco-friendly buildings and circular construction

Main research area

Construction and building operations account for more than a quarter of human impacts on the environment in Europe and approximately a third of raw material consumption and waste production. New technologies and approaches to the design and operation of buildings offer solutions that make it possible to significantly reduce these negative impacts. Energy-efficient buildings need significantly less energy and raw materials, provide a healthy indoor environment and contribute to quality and comfortable life in cities and towns. The use of circular economy principles will bring a drastic reduction in waste production and at the same time help to save increasingly valuable primary raw material resources.

We are the authors of the SBToolCZ methodology, which is used for the evaluation and certification of environmentally friendly, sustainable buildings. We develop new technologies for buildings and cities ourselves or to order for our clients. Their deployment will significantly contribute to a more sustainable construction industry, especially in the area of energy and raw material savings, reducing the carbon footprint and improving the quality of the environment for the healthy life of building users and entire city districts. We create digital tools that make it easier to reduce the carbon footprint of building products throughout their life cycle.

We help investors and developers with the creation of terms of reference and the determination of key target indicators for environmentally friendly buildings. We support them during the entire building design process so that optimal environmental, social and economic parameters are achieved.

We transfer the principles of the circular economy to the construction industry. We thereby contribute to reducing the material demand of buildings, help with the use of secondary raw materials in the construction industry, and develop and test construction products containing recycled materials.

All buildings will gradually come into line with the goals of sustainable development. Buildings powered only by energy from clean sources and constructed from environmentally friendly products will be climate neutral and cities will be climate-ready.

The construction industry will gradually become a zero-waste field, where the long-term use of individual materials from renewable raw materials will be repeated as much as possible.


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