Electronic systems and diagnostics

Research team
We deal with complex design, implementation and testing of electronic systems and their components.

In our laboratories, we are equipped for the complex development of electronics from circuit system architecture to component selection, printed circuit board and mechanical design to embedded firmware and software design. We prepare the developed prototypes for testing and commercialization.

We mainly develop sensors and entire sensor systems for building structure and indoor environment monitoring. We are focused on design of sensor systems for monitoring structures made of renewable natural materials. Our developed products support open standardized communication protocols. In the field of linear structures diagnostics we use unique fiber optic sensors, which can be integrated into various building elements. Our software equipment allow design of electronics and printed circuit boards as well as mechanical components of electronic systems.

Main activities of the team

  • We design electronic systems.
    • We develop sensors and sensor systems.
    • We integrate wireless LPWAN interfaces.
    • We program embedded systems.
    • We develop user and web applications.
    • We program control systems and PLCs.
    • ?We perform 3DCAD design of components.
    • We design printed circuit boards.
    • We design and implement sensor applications based on optical fibers.
      • We develop advanced systems for the collection, processing and presentation of measured quantities.
      • We offer laboratory equipment rental.



IAQ - Indoor Air Quality sensors

Sensors for monitoring the quality of the indoor environment in buildings.

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Equipment for diagnostics of buildings and materials - Thermal camera, endoscopic camera, precise accelerometers, laser meters, magnetometers and metal detectors, Ground Penetrating Radar. Tymyfoto/Elektronickesystemyadiagnostika/VO5_ElSys_DiagSys_termokamera.jpg
CAD software for the design of printed circuit boards.
Spectral optical analyzers (measured spectrum from 200 to 1750 nm, measurement accuracy from ±20 pm, dynamic range up to 60 dB). Interrogation units for signal evaluation from FBG sensors (spectrum from 1270 to 1650 nm, measurement accuracy ±1 pm, maximum number of wave channels 1000, detection threshold -40 dBm). Laser source for fiber optic sensors – C+L band. Kit for welding optical fibers and testing fiber optic systems.
Development, implementation and testing of electronic and optical fiber components and systems. The laboratory deals with the development and testing of products, from the electronics development phase through the mechanical design, the development of the necessary firmware and software to the testing itself. The subject of interest is primarily the development of sensors and entire sensor systems for building monitoring and diagnostics of building structures and materials. Sensors based on fiber optics are also used in the field of construction diagnostics, which can be integrated into various building elements. Tymyfoto/Elektronickesystemyadiagnostika/DSC_9743copy.jpg

3D modeling CAD software for mechanical design.
Tools for diagnosis and design of electronic circuits, power supplies, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, measuring systems, soldering station. Tymyfoto/Elektronickesystemyadiagnostika/VO5_ElSys_ElZarizeni.jpg

3D printing FDM center for rapid prototyping. Modeling space 406 x 355 x 406 mm, resolution up to 0.127 mm, materials ABS-M30, PC-ABS, PC, PC-ISO, ULTEM. Tymyfoto/Elektronickesystemyadiagnostika/VO5_ElSys_StratasysFortus400mcl.jpg