Energy and buildings

Main research area

We are dedicated to the research and development of materials and technologies with the aim of minimizing the impact of building construction and operation on the environment while simultaneously achieving a high-quality indoor environment.

We monitor the energy efficiency of buildings throughout their entire life cycle. We propose solutions that use renewable or recycled materials to minimize the energy consumption of building construction and operation. We are researching new technologies in the field of renewable energy sources (heat, cold and electricity). We test the developed elements in our laboratories and deploy them in pilot plants to verify their effectiveness, functionality and durability.

For analyzes of the energy behavior of buildings, we use dynamic models and complex simulations that allow us to describe in detail the interaction of the building and an advanced energy system based on innovative elements. We deal with the integration of energy technologies into the construction of buildings for the purpose of advantageous prefabrication for production.

In recent years, the focus of our research work has increasingly shifted to energy solutions for entire sets of buildings and their energy interconnection (community energy, smart grids, centralized 4th generation heat supply) to achieve carbon-neutral or energy-plus neighborhoods.


We are testing a photovoltaic system for cars

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We are preparing research on energy storage from sustainable sources

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We help set the conditions for supporting energy-plus buildings

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Part of the SAWER system are prototypes of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal collectors

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