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Service offer
To architects, planners and consultants in the field of construction, we offer interdisciplinary expert support in planning and designing new buildings and reconstructions of individual buildings and districts.

We offer the following services:
  • In the pre-project phase, we provide advice in the field of comprehensive design of energy-efficient buildings from conceptual design, through architectural and construction solutions to the appropriate use of technical building systems (heating, ventilation, cooling) and the choice of energy sources.
  • We help create energy and ecological concepts new buildings and reconstructions.
  • We support bidders of architectural competitions professional expertise and we help them determine the technical requirements of the project in terms of energy savings, environmental impacts, circular economy and overall sustainability.
  • We assess the project documentation of new constructions and building renovations. We verify the appropriateness of the proposed technical solution and propose measures to utilize the potential of the project in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • We develop energy analyses advanced simulation methods linked to investment and operational savings of complex technical building systems (heating, ventilation, cooling) and energy sources (conventional, renewable, micro-cogeneration).
  • We can comprehensively assess and optimize the environment in buildings through modern measuring systems and computer simulations with optimal energy consumption. We offer cooperation in the development of special work environments (stress workplaces, clean rooms, etc.) and the integration of health and safety support tools.
  • We design technical solutions for building energy systems with an emphasis on the optimal use of renewable resources, we pay attention to high energy flexibility, which we achieve by means of smart management of production, consumption and energy accumulation.
  • We help by integrating buildings into existing energy networks even by creating new networks.
  • Can we long-term monitor operation of buildings or their problematic parts, check their functionality and evaluate the energy efficiency of technical systems.

Below you will find detailed offers with relevant contacts. If you have specific requirements, please feel free to contact us directly.


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