For property owners and managers

Service offer
We help property owners and managers with monitoring and optimizing building operations, energy savings, or improving the indoor environment. At the same time, we offer support in planning reconstructions and renovations so that the buildings meet the highest standards of sustainability.

We offer the following services:
  • We develop energy analyses advanced simulation methods linked to investment and operational savings of complex technical building systems (heating, ventilation, cooling) and energy sources (conventional, renewable, micro-cogeneration).
  • We monitor the quality of the indoor environment of buildings with regard to thermal comfort and air quality.
  • We monitor and assess the quality of the lighting environment. We develop, test and optimize lighting systems, especially with regard to their effect on people.
  • We long-term monitor the static and thermal-humidity behaviour of buildings or their problematic constructions.
  • We design advanced building management systems, we evaluate the energy efficiency of technical systems.
  • Can we reduce building operating costs by predicting the need for energy and optimizing the use of renewable resources and the accumulation of electricity, heat and cold.
  • We help with renovation planning from the point of view of energy, building thermal technology, quality of the internal environment, sustainability, circular economy or the integration of greenery in the building and on its envelope. We are a partner of real estate owners from conceptual design, through architectural and construction solutions to the appropriate use of technical building systems (heating, ventilation, cooling) and the choice of energy sources.
  • We provide services in carbon footprint reporting and other ESG indicatorsto owners or managers of larger real estate portfolios.

Below you will find detailed offers with relevant contacts. If you have specific requirements, please feel free to contact us directly.