Healthy and comfortable environment in buildings

Main research area

The measure of building quality is the satisfaction of its users. This significantly depends on the environmental conditions that are ensured in the given object.

Man, by his presence and activity, affects the environment in which he moves, and is also influenced by it. There is mutual interaction between the person and the building.

The complete basis of a healthy and comfortable environment is the exclusion of health-threatening factors. In addition, it is necessary to balance the settings of individual components of the internal environment and aim to support users in different periods of life (illness, old age).

Therefore, it is important to have a balanced concept of all components and systems of the building, which influence the resulting conditions of the indoor environment during the year, taking into account the activities that are expected during the stay in the building. The result of a properly set and managed environment is a reduction in the occurrence of health risks and a higher level of user satisfaction, resulting in higher work productivity or better quality rest.

We are engaged in the development of solutions in the field of technical equipment of buildings, construction structures and materials and medical assistance systems. We carry out research on our own solutions as well as proposals arising from cooperation with industrial partners. We develop individual components and entire systems, including their management. We focus on the areas of thermal comfort, air quality, acoustics and lighting. We use experimental procedures and computer simulations to support development. The goal is always to bring a quality solution for a given case or product, which will contribute to the improvement of the building environment.

We develop and help partners optimize elements for TZB systems. We mainly focus on the areas of ventilation equipment, large-scale cooling and heating systems, and daylight and artificial lighting.
We carry out laboratory and in-situ evaluations of indoor environmental conditions in buildings. For this we use equipment such as a thermal model of a person (thermal manikin) or particle anemometry (PIV). We also deal with the optimization of the setting of conditions within the framework of construction preparation through computer simulations.

We investigate and apply chronobiological knowledge about the influence of the light environment on the quality of sleep and human health. Based on them, we propose complex regulation of systems according to the biological effects of light (circadian regulation, biodynamic systems).

We deal with building acoustics, we carry out accredited measurements of air and footfall soundproofing of building structures in our laboratory. We are not even afraid of measurements and calculations directly on construction sites.
We carry out research and development of medical assistance systems for monitoring biological variables and technical parameters.

We develop carriers based on nanofibers, polymer foams, hydrogels and their composites for biomedical and technical purposes, which we use, for example, for the development of biosensors enabling the detection of various viruses, bacteria, etc.

We expect that the importance of the issue of a healthy and high-quality environment in buildings will grow more and more in the eyes of investors and tenants. We are convinced that a quality environment will play an important role in the design of the technical parameters of a new or renovated building, as well as in its sale or lease. That is why we want to participate both in the development of individual devices and in setting the conditions for future buildings.


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