Development of technologies in the field of combined production of electricity and heat

The Laboratory of Organic Rankine Cycles and their Applications focuses primarily on the development and testing of device prototypes based on the principle of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), their components and optimization leading to the production of competitive solutions on the market.

We follow two directions of using ORC technologies – recycling of waste heat in industry and combined production of electricity and heat from biomass of low outputs.
In the application area, we are further developing solutions for the concept of so-called Carnot batteries, i.e. storing electricity with the help of waste heat. We work intensively with an industrial partner on solutions.

Our research activities relate mainly to combinations of heated circuits and the development of expanders for these circuits.
The largest volume of contract research is carried out in the creation and implementation of innovative energy concepts in industrial enterprises and in the heating industry. We also solve partial development tasks for the development of our partners' technologies.

Main Team Activities

  • We lead projects related to the design, development and testing of a prototype unit for the combined production of electricity and heat based on the ORC principle for industrial use.
  • We develop and test equipment for the use of waste heat from industrial processes.
  • We are testing and validating new types of expanders for ORC.
  • We are optimizing components for ORC devices.
  • We are innovating equipment with combined heat circuits.
  • For heating units, we measure operational parameters, consumption, operational status and efficiency.
  • We provide energy consultancy for industrial enterprises, heating plants and the public sector.
  • We are registered in the list of energy service providers in the Czech Republic at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.



Cogeneration unit WAVE 120

Biomass cogeneration unit with a thermal output of 120 kW and an electrical output of 6 kW.

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Power: 50-150 kW;
temperature: 250-450°C
  • Use of waste heat;
    electrical power: 5 kW
  • Heat output: 50 kW;
    electrical power: 1.5 kW