Participatory planning and design

Research team

Sociologist, psychologist and economist at CTU? That's how it is, and it couldn't be otherwise. As social scientists, we help design solutions in the field of architecture, urban planning, technology or services with an emphasis on the involvement of target groups. We always aim for user-friendly, innovative and sustainable solutions with respect to the given context. We draw from the background of an interdisciplinary workplace and are thus able to handle even complex projects.

We carry out field surveys, during which we find out the attitudes and needs of groups affected by the solutions proposed by our technical colleagues - whether it is a single building, a part of the city or more general strategic urban transformation projects.
During the last years, our focus has evolved from sustainable and high-quality public construction, high-quality public spaces and proper management of resources to urban energy. As part of UCEEB, we also actively participate in the interdisciplinary working group "Urban Innovation".
We believe that not only advanced technologies are important for the creation of complex solutions, such as energy-plus neighborhoods or energy communities. The involvement of interested parties or the description of social and organizational learning processes that similar projects generate is also key.
Our focus corresponds to current trends and we want to expand our activities. Our goal is that environmentally friendly energy solutions for buildings, neighborhoods and entire cities go hand in hand with social, administrative and economic sustainability.

If you want to know more about our team, in particular:

  • if you are a representative of the local government and you think about your municipality or city in the spirit described above,
  • if you are from the commercial sector and in a similar way of thinking you see an interesting business case for your activity,
  • if you are a student or doctoral student who would like to develop in similar directions together with us,

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Main team activities

  • We cooperate with companies, municipalities and public contractors in three areas:
  • people and buildings,
  • people and cities,
  • people and innovation.

We use a Human Centered Design approach to do this. We bring the experience and needs of users into the projects and try to make use of them in the design of functional solutions.