Renewable Energy

Research team

We focus on research and development in the field of renewable energy sources (RES), especially solar thermal technology, heat pumps and heat and cold storage for application in both buildings and centralized heat supply systems .

For the application of renewable energy sources in buildings, we perform detailed simulations of the energy systems of buildings with a significant representation of RES and evaluate their real usability for covering local energy needs. We create our own detailed models of elements for integration into complex simulation systems as well as simplified calculation tools for balancing renewable resources in buildings.

In cooperation with industrial partners, we develop innovative solutions, usually combining multiple functions (hybrid photovoltaic-thermal collectors, dual air-water collectors, multifunctional heat and cold sources, facade with integrated energy elements, etc.), which we test in laboratories (solar laboratory, laboratory of heat pumps, test cell for advanced peripheral casing). To verify the functionality, operational reliability and efficiency of the developed and designed systems with RES, we carry out semi-operations of equipment and systems in a real environment and use, monitor and evaluate their behavior.

We translate the results of solved research projects into practice in cooperation with industrial partners, publish them at professional seminars and conferences and courses for designers.

Main Team Activities

  • ​Integration of renewable energy sources into buildings and heating systems,
  • dynamic simulations of advanced energy systems with renewable energy sources,
  • energy concepts of buildings and entire districts (energy-zero/plus buildings, emission-neutral urban districts),
  • testing of solar elements (hot water, hot air and hybrid collectors) using an artificial solar radiation simulator for repeated testing under defined stable conditions (standard, extreme),
  • measurement of optical characteristics of transparent materials (especially spectral and angular transmittance),
  • testing heat pumps, various specific cooling circuit equipment and thermal energy accumulators in a double test box (cold chamber, warm chamber) with controlled temperature and humidity,
  • testing non-traditional layouts of heat pumps, chillers and heat recovery devices,
  • testing of facade elements on a test cell with a controlled internal environment behind the facade.



SAWER system

In March 2022, the organizers of the General World Exhibition EXPO in Dubai awarded the Czech Republic the award for "Best Innovation" for the SAWER technology. The Czech Pavilion received the UAE Innovations Award from The Center for Government Innovation of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, that is, the ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

SAWER technology ranked second among the exhibits of 192 nations. She received the award from the expert committee of the prestigious American magazine EXHIBITOR, which is dedicated to international fairs and exhibitions.

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ClimaCheck portable analyzer of heat pumps and cooling devices to check function and performance in operation. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/ClimaCheck_PA_pro_III_case.jpg
SITRANS mass flowmeters based on the Coriolis principle. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/hmotnostni_prutokomery.jpg
The laboratory is equipped with a double box for testing heat pumps in the range of heat outputs from 3 to 50 kW. It enables the testing of ground-to-water, water-to-water and air-to-water heat pumps, or testing of specific devices with a cooling circuit. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/Lab_tepelnych_cerpadel.jpg
To determine the optical characteristics of transparent materials.
For complete testing of photovoltaic panels and entire installations. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/mertel.jpg
Use for pipe dimensions from DN 10 to DN 2000. Integrated heat meter. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/prilozny_prutokomer.png
A device simulating the solar radiation spectrum with eight lamps with a total output of 40 kW with a positioning mechanism from horizontal to horizontal position. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/simulator.jpg
The solar laboratory SOLAB2 is equipped with testing equipment for testing solar collectors in a stable indoor environment using artificial sunlight - a simulator. SOLAB2 offers a unique device allowing to achieve in an indoor environment an irradiation of up to 1000 W/m2 with a homogeneity of ±15% on an area of 2.24 × 3.91 m. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/SOLAB.jpg
Equipment for testing facade modules of size 3 x 3 ms with integrated energy elements during quasi-real operation. The cell is divided into a heat-treated space with a floor plan of 3 x 3 m adjacent to the facade and a technological room with sources and withdrawals of heat and electricity. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/bunka.jpg
Test box with two separate spaces - an inner box (3.5 x 3.0 x 2.6 m) with a double wall to maintain extreme climatic conditions: –20 °C / +30 °C and an outer box (2.8 x 4 .1 × 3.5 m) with the option of connecting to an internal box. The box is equipped with two separate measuring circuits for testing ground-water, water-water and air-water heat pumps with heat outputs of 3 to 15 kW and 13 to 50 kW. Tymyfoto/Obnovitelnrzdrojeenergie/klimaticka_komora.jpg