Composite structures

Research team
The main goal of our team is the design and development of structures and structural elements from advanced cement-based materials with an emphasis on sustainable construction and circular economy.

These are mainly:
  • structures and structural elements from ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) unreinforced or reinforced with different types of fibers,
  • structural elements and structures from UHPC using textile (TRC) reinforcements,
  • structural elements from materials using waste materials from construction and demolition waste.

Our team deals optimizing cement composite recipes with regard to the structural use of the given material and minimising the environmental impact of the resulting structural element. At the same time, we focus on the design and optimization of structural elements for buildings and urban furniture.

From the point of view of the circular economy, we are dedicated to optimizing the demolition process to ensure the highest quality building materials suitable for recycling, which can further be used as input raw materials for new construction products.

We considare all this in accordance with the sustainable construction principles, so that our solutions make environmental and economic sense.

Main team activities

  • We develop materials and structures, including testing their physical, mechanical and rheological properties and durability:
    • high performance concretes (UHPC) unreinforced or reinforced with different types of fibers,
    • structural elements from UHPC using textile (TRC) reinforcements,
    • composite materials using waste raw materials (recycled construction and demolition waste, foam glass from recycled glass and others).
  • We carry out tests of the properties of aggregates for concrete, we also test the properties of fresh concrete and the properties of hardened concrete, mainly mechanical and deformation properties, as well as rheological properties and durability.
  • ​We have a room with a constant environment needed for the storage of cement composite samples.



Verification of mechanical and deformation properties of concrete and mortar. Primarily compressive and flexural tensile strength and modulus of elasticity (Compression Tester). Simple tensile strength (Tear Test Device).Kompozitnikonstrukce/Lis.jpg

Design and development of structures and structural elements from advanced cement-based materials. Focusing mainly on ultra-high-performance concrete with unconventional reinforcement and concrete with recycled aggregate. Kompozitnikonstrukce/Lis.jpg

Tests of concretes and mortars and their resistance to freezing and thawing and chemical deicing agents (freezing equipment). Verification of carbonation of concrete (incubator with CO2).Kompozitnikonstrukce/mrazakinkubator.jpg

Verification of basic properties of fresh concrete and mortar (high-quality concrete, concrete with recycled aggregate). Development of properties of fresh concrete mixtures (Vicat device, Vicasonic), development of concrete shrinkage in the early stage of maturation (cone for measurement of shrinkage of fresh concrete, shrinkage troughs) and others. Kompozitnikonstrukce/Vicasonic.jpg

Verification of the basic properties of aggregates, key to the design of concrete recipes, such as bulk density, absorbency, granulometry, frost resistance). Equipment for treatment of test samples (includes laboratory jaw crusher for larger aggregate samples and laboratory mill for fine fractions).