Urban ecohydrology

Research team

Urbanized areas are vulnerable to many risks including flooding on the one hand and drought and water scarcity on the other. As a result, many urban areas are rethinking their approach to stormwater management, and blue-green infrastructure elements are increasingly being used. Solutions close to nature are considered the most effective measures contributing to the mitigation of undesirable phenomena resulting from increased urbanization and climate change and contribute to increasing biodiversity.

Our task is the development of sustainable measures that reduce the flow of rainwater into the sewers and enable absorption directly at the point of impact. We focus primarily on green roofs and water absorption elements. We monitor the behavior of these systems on a laboratory and local scale.

We carry out a quantitative assessment of microclimatic conditions. We deal with experimental research and modeling of water and energy flows in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system in the environment of human settlements. We are looking for ways to use recycled materials in the green roof assembly. We are testing the irrigation of green infrastructure elements with waste water.

Main team activities

  • We focus on a quantitative description of the processes determining microclimate conditions and rainwater retention in urban settlements.
  • We provide measurements of physical and hydraulic properties of man-made and natural soils that are part of buildings or urban environments.
  • We carry out detailed hydrometeorological monitoring at three stable stations in the UCEEB CTU campus in Prague and at one mobile station for operational deployment in the field.
  • We aim to improve the description of hydrological processes in urban green infrastructure elements.
  • We measure the physical and hydraulic properties of soils that are part of buildings or the urban environment.
  • We are verifying the possibilities of using recycled materials in the construction of green roofs and other elements of green infrastructure.




Substrate for green roofs

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Two ground stations and one weather station on the roof of the CTU UCEEB building. One mobile weather station.Tymyfoto/Mestkaekohydrologie/IMG_6511.jpg
Rain gardens with water balance measurement. Tymyfoto/Mestkaekohydrologie/Rain_garden.png
Trial areas for testing green roofs located on the roof of the UCEEB building. Tymyfoto/Mestkaekohydrologie/DSC_1135copy.jpg