Urban ecohydrology

Research team

To make our cities more resilient to water-related challenges, such as floods and droughts, we need to rethink how we manage stormwater. One way to do this is to use blue-green infrastructure, which mimics natural processes and enhances biodiversity. These are solutions that use plants, soil, water and other natural elements to capture, store and reuse rainwater where it falls, instead of sending it to the sewers.

Our goal is to design and test sustainable blue-green infrastructure that can reduce sewer overflows and increase water availability. We focus on green roofs and water retention features, which we study in the lab and in the field.

We also measure how these solutions affect the microclimate and the energy balance of the urban environment. We use experimental and modeling methods to understand how water and energy move between the soil, plants and the atmosphere in built environment. We explore the potential of using recycled materials for green roofs. We experiment with irrigating blue-green infrastructure with reclaimed water.

Main team activities

  • We focus on a quantitative description of the processes determining microclimate conditions and rainwater retention in urban settlements.
  • We provide measurements of physical and hydraulic properties of man-made and natural soils that are part of buildings or urban environments.
  • We carry out detailed hydrometeorological monitoring at three stable stations in the UCEEB CTU campus in Prague and at one mobile station for operational deployment in the field.
  • We aim to improve the description of hydrological processes in urban green infrastructure elements.
  • We measure the physical and hydraulic properties of soils that are part of buildings or the urban environment.
  • We are verifying the possibilities of using recycled materials in the construction of green roofs and other elements of green infrastructure.




Substrate for green roofs

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Two ground stations and one weather station on the roof of the CTU UCEEB building. One mobile weather station.Tymyfoto/Mestkaekohydrologie/IMG_6511.jpg
Rain gardens with water balance measurement. Tymyfoto/Mestkaekohydrologie/Rain_garden.png
Trial areas for testing green roofs located on the roof of the UCEEB building. Tymyfoto/Mestkaekohydrologie/DSC_1135copy.jpg