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Efficient House Plus


On November 22nd and 28th, seminars on “Positive Energy Buildings” were held on the premises of the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU. These seminars were a follow-up to the meeting of representatives of the ministries and institutions of the Czech Republic and Germany in October.



During the morning section of the programme, the participants were informed about the German initiative „Effizienzhaus Plus“, which supports research and construction of positive energy buildings in Germany. Director of the Centre Lukáš Ferkl informed about the activity of CTU UCEEB within the network, possibility of cooperation and efforts to build several demonstrative objects in our country. Also mentioned were examples of possible financial instruments resulting from the FINERPOL project and incorporation of the subject of positive energy buildings into the EEB-CZ platform. Complex approach to the preparation of the construction and reconstruction of public buildings was then shown on examples.

In the afternoon section of the programme, the subject of evaluating zero energy or positive energy buildings in CZ conditions was discussed. Because of the complexity of the theme, it was necessary to clarify the definitions and approaches based on the Czech legislation and point out the practical effects of their vague interpretation. Important discussion was about the terms and calculations of many indicators, such as the energy supplied, ratios of renewable primary energy, energy intensity of the buildings and comparison with the way they are calculated in Germany. Not only energy balance, but also the economy of investment and operating expenses was simulated on the examples of buildings with various energetic technical solutions.

In the end of the seminar, experiences and opinions of all participants were discussed, which showed possible ways for future. In Czech Republic, it is necessary to strongly boost the awareness of energy efficient construction and thus contribute together by progressive steps to the sustainable construction.

The workshop has been organized with Energoklastr, within the scope of the H2020 project "MPC-:GT"

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