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Concrete Benches Levitee Begin to Serve in Streets of Prague


The University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings of the CTU developed a design set of concrete city furniture with the possibility of installation of smart technologies. Inhabitants as well as visitors of the capital city can already try this novelty in the test mode at several public places.

Three benches with smart technologies were installed in the streets of the metropolis as a part of the Technologický transfer pro chytrou Prahu (Technology Transfer for Smart Prague) project that was supported by the “Prague – The Pole of Growth” operating project. Two of them are a part of development projects of the JRD company named Zelená Libuš (Green Libuš) and Ecocity Malešice III. The third piece was installed together with other accessories of similar design from the set of Levitee city movables near the entrance to the Pražačka sport ground.

The “Levitee” bench can offer other services on top of comfortable rest to its users. Based on the degree of being equipped with smart technologies, it can charge phones via a USB connector, connect the mobile device of the user to Wi-Fi free of charge for a short time period, or to measure the quality of air using various sensors provided on request of the end user. Therefore, it fits the Smart City concept perfectly. The demo specimens offer all features. Furthermore, they allow for installation of trauma spots at clearly-visible and well-lit places after registration.