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Energy Active Curtain Walling Facades


From 2015, together with industry partner SKANSKA (today WIEDEN) we investigated possibilities of integration of energy components into facade modules of curtain walling systems. In past project of energy active curtain walling facade, the goal was to integrate a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collector together with optically selective prismatic structure. In running project of autonomous facade module, we concentrate on application of Peltier cooler in combination with photovoltaics and battery integrated into facade.

Hybrid photovoltaic-thermal collector (PVT) is dedicated for local combined heat and power production and brings about 35 % higher savings than combination of conventional technologies (solar thermal collectors, photovoltaic modules). Optically selective prismatic glazing provides diffuse daylight, solar gains in winter and solar radiation reflection in summer to eliminate cooling load of interior. Its application leads to reduction of space heating and cooling demand by up to 25 % in dependency on share of prismatic structure application in glazing.

Different construction alternatives of Peltier cooler for autonomous facade module has been designed (based on CFD simulations) and experimentally tested. Simultaneously, facade photovoltaic system with flat electric battery has been designed to feed the cooler,fans, sun-blinds and interior lighting. Autonomous facade module thanks to prefabricated integration of given components has a potential to increase the speed of building construction, enhance the autonomy of indoor environment and improve thus user comfort in office buildings.

Both projects resulted in prototypes of prefabricated curtain walling facade in size of 3 x 3 m equipped with energetic components, which are tested at CTU UCEEB test-cell built for long-term monitoring and evaluation of the functionality of concepts. Both concepts gained industrial property protection.

Project presentation (PowerPoint) 

Project presentation (YouTube)