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Functionalized Nanofibers for Ultrasensitive Detection, Identification and Long-Term Digital Storage of Odour Traces


The main objective of the project was to create a qualitatively new system for collecting odour traces and storing them in selected solvents based on soluble nanofibers. This method allows simple and efficient formation of nonwoven fabric with a large adsorption surface and a large porosity, which can be modified to achieve optimal physicochemical conditions.

The created system enables ultrasensitive adhesion of odor molecules to a modified nanofiber surface, followed by the conversion of the odor traces into an appropriate form for storage, transport or, where appropriate, for other chemical analyses leading to digitization of the odor trace. These advanced chromatographic or spectroscopic methods enable the formation of digital odor databases, thus achieving unlimited long-term retention of Information on odor traces at the time of collection. This new method of collecting odour traces enables efficient and reproducible capture of a wide range of molecules forming human odours and, thanks to controlled solubility, allows easy conversion of molecules to a liquid state and their highly accurate analysis using analytical methods.

Results of the project are, among other things, functional samples and utility models of the odor sensor for collecting traces in the fire and the sensor for collecting breath and gaseous traces, for which the developed sampling system based on functionalized nanofibers was applied. The high efficiency of collecting gaseous odor traces and the possibility of application of gas and liquid chromatography for the analysis of the substances increases the information content of the odor trace and its reproducibility and relevance in forensic practice, including conversion to digital records.

Project presentation (PowerPoint)

Project presentation (YouTube)

Research and development were supported by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic in the years 2015 to 2018.