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The Leader of the Czech Diplomacy Visited the CTU Research Centre in Buštěhrad


Tomáš Petříček, Minister of Foreign Affairs, visited the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of the CTU. From here, scientists will dispatch the S.A.W.E.R. system for producing water from the air on its way to Dubai where it will become the core of the Czech national pavilion at the EXPO 2020 world fair.

The leader of the Czech diplomacy became acquainted with the activities of the University Centre of Energy-Efficient Buildings of the CTU during his visit. He appreciated the technical forwardness of the S.A.W.E.R. system and the credit of its creators regarding the promotion of the reputation of the local science as well as the Czech Republic itself abroad: “For us, EXPO 2020 is an outstanding opportunity to prove once more that the Czech science is capable of contributions for the whole world, even in the 21st century which is driven by innovations. I am thrilled about having something as exceptional and useful as the technology that can help fight droughts and lack of water as the heart of our pavilion. The thing is that this is the topic that concerns even us in the Central Europe, not only the “desert countries” in Africa and Asia.”

Vojtěch Petráček, the Chancellor of the CTU, expressed his acknowledgment for the team of creators as well: “I am very glad that the researchers of our university represent Czech science abroad successfully and that they contribute to the advancement of local industry towards knowledge-based economics.”    

The potential of the S.A.W.E.R. system has been acknowledged by the leader of the research team, doc. Tomáš Matuška from the University Centre of Energy-Efficient Buildings of the CTU. He summarized the results of hitherto development and test operation of the first prototype in the desert near the city of Sweihan in United Arab Emirates. “Six-month-long testing of the system proved its ability to produce water during various periods of the year. We acquired lots of practical experience from the operation for the final optimization of the device being developed.”

Jiří František Potužník, General Commissioner of the Czech team at the EXPO world fair, spoke from Dubai via a telecommunication bridge. He presented the progress achieved at the construction site of the Czech national pavilion and he introduced the rough construction. “The pavilion is not only a building symbolizing the original architecture using the comparably original technology of S.A.W.E.R.- the construction is functionally interconnected with the system and it uses the system in the interior where it cools the air down, as well as in the exterior where it waters the garden. Everything connected together constitutes an example of the potential of our creators and scientists - a message for the whole world.”

The S.A.W.E.R. system will be technically integrated and visualized in Dubai as a part of the Czech exposition which will be focused on acquiring water from air and using it for cultivating the dry desert. The device will on average supply 500 liters of water per day which will be used for under-surface watering of the garden on the premises of the Czech national pavilion.