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Light Affects Health and Vitality


At the Na Pražačce comprehensive school, a long-term experiment regarding innovative lighting with properties close to natural daylight is taking place. Its impact on students and teachers is evaluated by Lenka Maierová from the Platform for Healthy Lighting at the University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings of the CTU.

The influence of the lighting environment on human endogenous biological rhythms has been proven by many laboratory experiments. One of the most modern practical applications of this knowledge has led to introduction of full-spectrum LED light sources produced by the Spectrasol company. In cooperation with the Platform for Healthy Lighting of CTU UCEEB and with the support of the School department of the Municipality of Prague, pilot installation of this pro-cognitive lighting was carried out in selected classrooms of the Na Pražačce comprehensive school.

The project also included detailed monitoring of subjective evaluation as well as objective parameters in classrooms equipped with pro-cognitive lighting, in comparison with standard lighting. The impact of newly-installed lighting on visual comfort and cognitive performance, in particular the effects on concentration and short-term memory, and other physiological processes of students and teachers were evaluated. After one year of study, the results suggest statistically significant improvement of study results of students who were exposed to pro-cognitive lighting. Also, tests monitoring their short-term memory indicated better performance. Furthermore, the number of late arrivals in the morning classes decreased.