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Methodology of Evaluation of Sustainable Smart Cities Is Available to Users


In the framework of cooperation of CTU UCEEB and the Czech Green Building Council, we prepared a simple methodology for evaluating sustainable smart cities. The methodology should help Czech cities and municipalities with evidence-based planning. The preparation was supported by the Ministry of Regional Development.

The methodology serves for efficient planning and decision-making of cities and municipalities that invest into technological development and organization innovations. The goal is to let the city use technologies and procedures that support the sustainability of the city and the quality of life of the inhabitants and, at the same time, to make the city capable of evaluating their actual benefits to its development. The methodology is based on the “those who want to control must also measure” approach.

The main users of the methodology are the city and municipality employees. The function of the methodology is instructing as well as educating. The evaluation based on this methodology should be primarily useful for the city and it should burden the city with minimum additional paperwork. Together with the Ministry of Regional Development, CTU UCEEB will collect the feedback from users from cities for further improvement of the evaluation.