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Our Computer Simulation Contributes to Production of More Efficient Air-Conditioning Units


The result of the research carried out by scientists from the University Centre of Energy- Efficient Buildings of the CTU is a computer simulation of air flow that can be used for constructing more efficient, quieter and more economical air-conditioning units of a new generation. It is used by developers of the Alteko company from Hostomice near Dobříš in practice.

The main aim of the project was to develop a new product line of air-conditioning units satisfying the European Union limits on average yearly energy consumption from 2018. Therefore, developers from the Alteko company decided to design and produce types with optimum flow distribution so that unnecessary losses of pressure do not occur. Innovation of the surface finishing was also important. It contributes to longer lifetime and, at the same time, to better tightness in various types of outdoor environments.

The software for simulating the air flow in critical parts of the air-conditioning unit has considerably sped up the proposal of modifications of their construction from the point of view of velocity or pressure of the flowing air as well as in order to satisfy the requirements on limiting the noise level of the device which are often challenging. A prototype of a new air-handling unit has been presented to public at the International Engineering Trade Fair 2019 in Brno.

“The analysis as well as the subsequent optimization of the construction design of air-conditioning units is a complex area. In principle, it cannot be solved well without numeric modelling. Therefore, we cooperate with experts from the University Centre of Energy Efficient Buildings on our project. Using their simulations, we obtained very important data. We will use them for the development of a new generation of air-conditioning units,” said Radislav Krupa, director of the Alteko company, on behalf of cooperation with the academicians.