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Sixty percent of houses with flats in the CZE have no measures for saving energy implemented.


The European project MORE – CONNECT is offering a solution. Energy-efficient sources, controlled ventilation or high thermal-insulation level of buildings belong among parameters that we consider a natural thing in new buildings. In spite of that, there are about 210 thousands of houses with flats in the Czech Republic that had been mostly built before 1978. These buildings do not satisfy current requirements on quality living. CTU UCEEB, together with other European companies and universities, is a partner of a research project that promises fast and comprehensive reconstruction of existing buildings.

Buildings are the biggest consumers of energy today so there is no wonder that an emphasis is put on reducing their energy demands. Several grant programs focused on this very area of problems have been in operation in recent years and they have special priority in the framework of strategies of the EU commission. In spite of that, only partial reconstructions are performed in most cases, including replacement of windows or thermal insulation of roofs and facades. These are not comprehensive solutions.

Therefore, the European commission supports the MORE – CONNECT project within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program.  It unites the activities of eight European countries in the area of prefabricated systems for comprehensive reconstructions, primarily of existing houses with flats in Europe.  The project proposes large-area production of insulation panels from renewable resources.

The aim of the research is to develop a system of prefabricating each element; this will allow for considerable economical savings due to its repeatability. The attractiveness of the system will result from its high individualization: customers will be able to select the parameters of the reconstruction in an on-line system and they will instantly receive information about energy savings and their financial demands. Another aim of the project is to shorten the time needed for reconstructions of existing buildings considerably.

The first check of the function of the MORE – CONNECT system took part on flat surfaces of UCEEB as early as in spring of this year. At present, rough assembly is finished, the experimental object is now equipped with thermal insulation panels and the connection areas of panels are deburred and connected inside.  The next step will be to mount the photovoltaic roofing and final surface finish of the object. Consequently, experts will check the functionality of the whole concept and evaluate its usability for the Czech Republic and surrounding countries after finishing the test operation.