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The WAVE Micro-Power-Plant Satisfies the Strictest Emission Limits


The University Centre of Energy-Efficient Buildings of the CTU has measured the emissions of pollutants resulting from combustion of wooden chips in the microcogeneration unit WAVE 50. The test has shown that the unit producing heat and electricity at the same time conforms to European standards with a great margin.

In all member states of the European Union, it is legally possible after January 1st, 2020, to buy and start operating only boilers and cogeneration units that satisfy the eco-design requirements specified by the 2015/1189 direction of the commission. Therefore, all types of boilers and cogeneration units had to undergo the verification that they satisfy this standard. In particular, the amount of particulate matter, total organic carbon (TOC), nitrogen oxides (NOX), and carbon monoxide (CO) was monitored. The measurement has confirmed that the microcogeneration unit WAVE 50 developed by us conforms to the strictest emission limits.