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We Are Developing an Autonomous Facade Module


The University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings of the CTU has been cooperating with the Wieden company on a research project named Autonomous Facade Module for more than one year. The module should work not only as thermal protection but also as an energy source, technical device for retaining the interior environment, lighting or smart regulation that reacts to local conditions.

Within the project, possibilities of prefabricated integration of the cooling unit based on Peltier modules and local photovoltaic system with flat battery into an autonomous facade module are being examined. The aim is to speed up the construction, to reduce the built-up area and to extend the independence of the interior environment on the central system (lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling, electricity supplies).

While functional samples of two fundamental elements of the curtain walling facade (Peltier cooler, photo-voltaic micro-system) were manufactured last year, different variants of the Peltier cooler construction were tested in detail this year. Furthermore, the concept of the whole module of curtain walling facade was designed. The technological solution developed is currently protected with a utility model. The research and development were  supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in the frame of the Epsilon program.