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We are finishing the guidelines of public space planning


The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in Prague prepares for the representatives of small cities, a simple process that will allow them to plan the form of spaces with regard to the needs of citizens and present technological possibilities. The works on the guidelines are almost finished and the project will turn to the phase of publishing and promotion of the results using seminars and workshops already before the end of this year.

The Sustainable Building Laboratory of CTU UCEEB finishes the certified methodology of small cities’ public space planning, which should guide their representatives through the process of preparing and procurement of spatial or urbanistic studies of public spaces. The goal is not to make experts on spatial planning and participative design from the representants of the communities, but to turn them into equal partners for experts, who have vision, are able to evaluate basic advantages and disadvantages of suggested solutions and make informed decisions.

The guidlines will be presented on the 1st of December 2020 on an online seminar TOWN and DEVELOPER – common challenges and opportunities, which will be followed by panel discussion with guests from various specializations. In the year 2021 we plan to organise workshops for representants of cities.

The research was supported by the Technology Agency of Czech Republic in the programme ÉTA. The application guarantor is the Central Bohemia Innovation Centre.