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We Are Working on Eliminating the Noise of Whirlpool Tubs on Terraces of Residential Buildings


The University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings of the CTU cooperates with the Metrostav company on looking for an efficient way of protecting the occupants of residential buildings from the noise from whirlpool tubs located on outside terraces of more luxury flats and on testing it.

In order to increase the utility comfort of residential buildings, whirlpool tubs are being designed on terraces of flats more and more often. However, this equipment is also a source of noise for its surroundingsand especially the adjacent flats need to be protected ?against it. The Acoustic Laboratory of CTU UCEEB cooperates with the Metrostav company on developing an efficient way of eliminating the noise.

The noise from using whirlpool tubs occurs as a result of various processes. The most significant ones include the operation of noisy technological parts that are hidden inside this equipment and the flow of water from water jets in the filled tub. Our research is focused on checking the impact of elastic placement on the propagation of noise into the habitable room located directly below the terrace of the flat with a whirlpool tub.

For the verification, two ways of placement of the whirlpool tub on the construction composition of the terrace were selected so that it was possible to choose the optimum solution for future deployments based on the tests. The tests will be carried out in the Acoustic Laboratory of CTU UCEEB on the  slab that represents a typical ceiling from reinforced concrete including the respective layers of roofing composition.