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We brought the construction of smart energy micro-networks closer


The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in Prague in cooperation with with company Grideo developed, an intelligent energy delivery station for energy infrastructure, which will play an important part in the development of smart energy micro-networks in Czech Republic. The device was successfully tested and it will be offered to developers, who prepare the construction of new residential houses and neighbourhoods.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence, smart micro-networks could lower the consumption of energies and also adapt it to the habits and needs of the dwellers in houses and apartments. The system is equipped with sensors in every room. At the same time, it monitors the external environment and weather forecast. From these, it can calculate the future need of heat or cooling in individual flats.

“The system is learning progressively; it monitors the habits and behaviour of residents. It sets up everything, before the people come home. At the same time, it does not overheat the space unnecessarily for example,” explains Jiří Koptík, founder of the Grideo company.

An intelligent delivery station will be important part of the  energy infrastructure, which could analyse the consumption of individual energies and water in detail..

“The device is today fully functional and prepared for use in real environment. The system is also able to detect non-standard states or failures and quickly react to these situations by switching-off the consumption site and warning  the operator,” explains Pavel Mlejnek from the Electronic Systems and Diagnostics team CTU UCEEB.

“Within several weeks we should sign the contract for constructing our first smart energy micro-network in Czech Republic. The market potential is large and modern energy consumption control systems offer possibilities we never even dreamed of several years ago. As the way we use phones changed, the view of energy in our apartments will also change.” adds Libor Žížala, co-founder of the Grideo company.

The cooperation between Grideo company and the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in Prague was mediated and financially supported by the Central Bohemia Innovation Centre.