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We Constructed a Silent and Efficient Ventilation Unit for Living Spaces


The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of the CTU in cooperation with the RECUAIR company developed a local ventilation unit with no negative sound effects resulting from its operation. Furthermore, the device achieves high efficiency of heat recovery thanks to its unique design.

The local ventilation unit with a rotating heat exchanger DC 40 is designated for installation directly into living space. Therefore, the matter of noise was one of the priorities of CTU UCEEB scientists who tried to optimize the air flow through the device. The scientists used the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) computer simulation, measured the noise in the acoustic laboratory and tested the performance in laboratory conditions for this purpose.

The unit with dimensions of 455 × 425 × 105 mm operates with the air flow of 15 to 45 m3/h and it is equipped with filters of the M5 class. It is connected with the outside environment using a cylinder with the diameter of 260 mm. In this cylinder, the heat exchanger for heat recovery from waste air with the efficiency up to 94 % is placed. Such high values are achieved thanks to the unique design that prevents the frost on the heat exchanger.

The device contains a rotating heat exchanger with a servo-drive. It rotates 180° in exactly specified intervals based on the temperature of the outside air. This way, alternating flow of exhaust waste air as well as fresh outside air through the channels of heat exchanger is ensured. Thanks to that, the unit allows to achieve the high efficiency of heat recovery all year round. The highest potential for applications is in cold regions where outside temperatures fall below zero.