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We offer the assessment of porosity and size of nanoparticles according to an accredited method


A new accredited laboratory for the assessment of porosity of nanofiber structures and size of nanoparticles was established within the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in Prague.

At present there are no accredited methods in the country using scanning electron microscopy for precise assessment of the size of nanometric objects and characterisation of nanostructure surfaces. This is why our Laboratory of advanced biomaterials created a unique accredited method, which is, thanks to the principles of scanning electron microscopy, able to assess surface morphology of materials, such as their porosity or size of structures and objects in micrometre and nanometre dimensions

Individual laboratories use different methods and processes for characterising nanostructures and size of objects, which can lead to different results. Our laboratory offers the possibility of assessing the surface morphology of the objects using an accredited method, which guarantees the correctness and comparability of results obtained by the predefined process that is always the same.

Electron microscopy is at present an indispensable tool for studying objects, whose dimensions are under the discrimination ability of even the latest optical microscopes. Thanks to this method, it is possible to very precisely assess the porosity of materials, such as textiles or filter materials destined for personal protective equipment, and/or to assess the size of nanoparticles in products.

To know the size of nanoparticles in products is especially important in connection with the assessing their impact on human health and the environment, and thus also from the point of view of compliance with valid Czech and European regulation, which could be important for e.g. cosmetic products, biocide preparations and others. Apart from the assessment of particle size and their structure from the point of view of valid legislation, our laboratory could also independently verify the size structure of particles of various materials.

In case you are interested in cooperation or want more information, please contact the e-mail: radek [dot] divin [at] cvut [dot] cz.