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We participate in the international project PLURAL


The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in Prague will, in cooperation with the Recuair company, produce an air handling unit with thermoelectric exchanger for temperature control, that will be integrated into a facade panel of the Spanish DENVELOPS company and tested on a demonstration building in Catalonia.

The goal of the international project PLURAL (Plug-and-use renovation with adaptable lightweight systems) started in October 2020 is to design and test a range of prefabricated facades for renovations of residential buildings. Its participants´ objective is to provide optimum interconnection of heating, cooling, heat collection and ventilation systems with intelligent windows using 3D printing and latest nanomaterials.

The result will, thanks to its universality, adaptability and scalability take into account the needs of users and expects the reduction of primary energy consumption of the building under 60 kWh/m2 per year. In addition, it will provide for local energy production from renewable sources and it will reach the NZEB state (building with near zero energy consumption) for various types of residential buildings. Significant cost reduction should come from prefabrication, which should shorten the time necessary for in-depth renovation of residential buildings by as much as 50%.

Proposed solutions will be tested on three real and three virtual buildings, which cover all European climate zones and mirror representative residential types. Reduction of time and costs of production and renovation, savings of energy and acceptance of the users will be tested.

This project obtained financial support from the European Union programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020 on the base of grant agreement no. 958218.