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We Participate on Maximum Use of Recycled Materials in Dismountable Houses


The research team of the University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings of the CTU in cooperation with the AZS 98, s.r.o. company developed concrete mixtures with recycled aggregate which are used for building of family houses near Pilsen now.

The Laboratory of Composite Constructions of CTU UCEEB under the leadership of Petr Hájek and Tereza Pavlů developed concrete mixtures that only contain recycled masonty aggregate from construction and demolition waste. These mixtures were optimized in the laboratory and further use as an aggregate for concrete within the operation in the AZS 98, s.r.o. company that is engaged in selective demolitions of buildings and in recycling of the construction and demolition waste.

Its cooperation with our laboratory on using recycled materials in new constructions takes place within the framework of the project supported by the TRIO program of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Thanks to this collaboration, the optimized mixtures with maximum content of recycled materials which simultaneously meet the requirements for the specific applications were developed.

Nowdays, constructions of family houses from re-usable masonry blocks have been finalizing. They only contain recycled masonry aggregate and, furthermore, they would be capable of being dismounted and used for other purposes in future. Thanks to this, the service life of structural elements will be fully utilized and their dependence on the usage obsolescence of the building will be reduced.

Moreover, recycled materials have been used also for the foundation structures and backfilling of family houses near Pilsen where it will be possible to take a look at one of the houses soon.