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We work on the development of a new solution for the use of biomass


The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in Prague addresses a goal to increase the efficiency of biomass use for a long time. An example is the successful development of the Wave – biomass combined heat and power production unit, and its continuation in a new project of a fully automated hot water boiler room.

The presently prepared EU legislation and following national objectives in the area of climate-energy policies (CZ national climate-energy plan) put significant demands to the production of heat from biomass, whose use should double until the year 2030. This will lead to pressure onto its consumption in small and middle sized heat sources in both heat production and industrial plants.

Within CTU UCEEB, the team of the Laboratory of Organic Rankine Cycles and their Applications  (LORCA), which is part of the Energy Systems in Buildings department attempts to increase the efficiency of energy conversion from biomass. After a successful finish of the development of the WAVE micro power plant, this laboratory together with an SME GT-PROGRES started a new project named “Fully Automated biomass hot water boiler plant” supported from the OP PIK Aplikace VII. výzva.

For applications, where WAVE isn’t an effective solution, a fully automated wood chips-fired hot water boiler plant in a containerized solution with heat power of 120 kW, which will fulfil the requirements of the so-called Ecodesign, will be developed and tested in the operating conditions at the client’s premises. Experiences from the WAVE project are needed for the successful development of a solution with temperature limit of 150 °C and pressures at the limit of 30 bar (usual requirement of heating systems with reserve), which will be “scalable” by placing a larger number of container units to provide a power of 1-2 MW.

In the field of biomass-fired low heat power output units, there are no economically viable solutions at the market in this area. The uniqueness of the projects lies in the fact that available warm water boilers could not be turned to hot water ones in an easy way, and there are also no available container boiler plants with short realisation times and often there is no possibility to increase or decrease the installed power according to the needs of the customer.